From the creators of the spaceship Buran
Project-Techniques Big rebranding of the corporation 2014—2016
The history of the corporation "Project-Techniques" began in 1988, when the spaceship Buran made its last flight.
During this project we met with very brave and energetic young managers. Together we started the development from scratch. The development strategy was a brief. It was necessary to present the company in a new way on the world market and to tell about its achievements and opportunities. Together we spent more than one month, visited enterprises and communicated with employees. We immersed into the atmosphere of the corporation, trying to understand it from the inside.
The logo is based on three elements: a square is a reliable form, as the structure of the corporation itself; a spaceship looking for new discoveries is a reference to the history and enthusiasm of its creators; three arrows pointing upwards symbolize the three components of the mission of the corporation which are Team, Quality and Progress.
"Project-Techniques" is a constant participant of specialized international exhibitions. For these events English versions of the basic elements of identity were developed.
The main color is graphite gray: it is moderately strict and at the same time provides technological effectiveness. Saturated yellow is used for accents. And the third color is white.
When creating figures, the designer used a fragment of the logotype, a parallelogram, the very "Buran", which breaks out of the upper right corner of the square. Look carefully and you will see it in all forms.
Accepting our design was a real feat from the client's side. Why? See for yourself! The result of the designer's work is unique for this industry. There is no hint of conservatism and foundations. Sparks, noise of machines, inception of forms fill the brochure of the corporation. The only thing that is missing is a soundtrack in Techno style.
"We need more sparks and that it cuts smaller rings" the photographer asked the operator of the optical cutting machine. Quietly carrying out the orders of his lord, the machine cut out the rings in a 6 mm steel sheet with precision. These shots took place in Shumerle, a small town which is one hundred kilometers from Cheboksary.
The products of the corporation, industrial transformers, are assembled simultaneously on the large screens of the exhibition stand. We have found the best way how to use 3D to show what this complex unit consists of.
The created branding and content have improved the perception of the corporation "Project-Techniques" in its business environment and have strengthened it from the inside. A clear mission has been formed and the development vision has appeared. New and new projects are successfully launched on the basis of our developments, preserving their integrity and recognizability.
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