Buses that make
the city cleaner
Khimki Business Park Branding of corporate shuttles 2017
In 2017 six new corporate shuttles appeared in Khimki Business Park. Externally they do not differ from the old ones, the only difference is that they use gas, with a minimum emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere of the city.
There were two topics in the task. The first one was to say out loud that big business takes part in programs related to the preservation of the environment and ecology in general. The second one was to come up with the idea of how to prolong the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Khimki Business Park.
Russian version
The whole surfaces of the bus and its bright corporate colour are used in the graphics. A forest, leaves and fresh air appeared in the design. And in order to eliminate borders and understand the idea better one of the sides was duplicated in English. "We make the city cleaner!" - and you can not argue with that.
English version
Evolution of business
Russian version
The launch of the new corporate transport program in Khimki Business Park was held in conjunction with the 10th anniversary of its opening. We told about that in the second idea. We immersed in the very depth of it, where everything is born and develops. The second half of the bus fleet is designed with the headline "Evolution of business", the biology style and the collection of pictograms.
English version
Art Direction
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