Don’t panic!
Keep calm!
Khimki Business Park Educational films 2016
Every day there are several thousand people in Khimki Business Park and every day their security is guaranteed by the administration.
For the notification system in the Business Park, our copywriter and art director created three stories with the same hero. He shows how one should react to reports on terrorist threats, the appearance of fire, how to act in evacuating from a building, while not forgetting about other people, especially those have difficulties in leaving the premises on their own.
In the voice acting we used Al Pacino’s and Anthony Hopkins’ "Russian voice" which belongs to a well-known Russian announcer and actor Vladimir Eremin. Vladimir's voice does not give a single chance for doubt or panic in case of emergency.
Now, when visiting Khimki Business Park, you should not wave your arms if suddenly you find a forgotten bag next to you in a cafe.
Do not worry and keep calm!
Art Direction
Voice over
Motion Design