Not a day without a novelty.
Not a day without promo
IKEA Promo-pages 2015 - 2017
Perhaps, there is no company in the world that could compare in promo-activity with IKEA. Russia is a country where about 70 events are held every year.
We created and developed an adaptive design for three categories of promo pages: "Novelties", "Collections" and "IKEA FAMILY Offers". And with the help of the parsing script a correct display of prices and names of goods is implemented on all the pages of the site
"Novelties" pages, which are always bright, tell about future collections, announce their style, whether it's pop art with graffiti, glamor or golden Art Deco.
IKEA designers constantly come up with something new, embodying their ideas in new collections. Our task is to create a promotional page for such a collection and launch it by the start date of sales.
Unlike bright creative novelties and collections, in the projects for IKEA FAMILY another method of providing information is used. It is important to show the offers as clearly as possible, to highlight their advantages and basic characteristics on these pages.
Knowing how anxiously IKEA treats its customers, and how many people visit the pages to learn about new products and special offers every day, requires the utmost responsibility.
Art Direction
UI/UX Design
Web Design
UI Prototyping
Content Management
Front-end Development