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IKEA Shopping cart and calculation of delivery price 2017
In 2017 IKEA Russia launched an online store without a full update of the website.
In close cooperation with the IKEA team we developed functionality and interfaces for the main scenarios during several months. We got an update of the goods card, the general page of the goods, the development of the shopping cart, the development of the algorithm for the calculation of the delivery price and the functionality of selecting the city.
Millions of people order more than 40,000 items available on the site every month. The list of products is automatically updated every day for 14 cities across Russia.
The update of the card has passed in several stages. In the first one the text content was analyzed. The design of elements was partly changed. The second stage touched upon the specifics of the site architecture.
Before the online store appeared, it was only possible to add products to the shopping list. Our task was to develop a mechanic based on this function, but with the subsequent transfer of data for the processing of the order and its payment on the website.
For the visitors of the website to be always able to check the possibility of delivery to their city we developed a module that calculates the delivery price which depends on the postal code. The system is checked against the database of the classifier of addresses in Russia and calculates the price for goods up to 30 kg and more than 30 kg. This module can be embedded on any page of the site and has great flexibility.
The IKEA online store is constantly updated, new opportunities and functions appear. Now in Russia you can realize ideas for your interior without leaving home.
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