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IKEA The third version of kitchen design appointment service 2015 - date
IKEA Booking Tool is a popular kitchen, wardrobes and living rooms design appointment service in Russia. Thanks to it you can get advice both online and offline.
For the clients of IKEA the service is just a form of several fields. Behind it lies a complex system in which managers process tens of thousands of requests, agree on appointment time and send notifications, communicate with clients and help them to make their dreams come true.
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Working hard! Round-the-clock requests are sorted between 14 IKEA stores and three departments: "Kitchens", "Wardrobes" and "Living Rooms".
The victory over the routine meant the possibility to use templates and hotkeys. We used the rule of two clickings in UX, which supposes that any interaction with the interface must be done by two clickings as maximum.
Drug'n'drop, drop-down lists, check-boxes, validation - all these functions significantly speed up and simplify the process of working with a large number of applications which we receive every day
We constantly upgrade this project by improving the existing processes of interaction between users and adding the new ones. The progress in the development of design appointment service continues. Stay tuned!
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