How can one see everything at once in IKEA?
IKEA Updating of a website section 2017
"All products" is the most visited section on the website Every month, millions of visitors who need to find the right product or get some inspiration for their ideas, search here.
This project is a part of soft upgrade of the IKEA website. Our task was to show the entire range of IKEA products in a new way and distribute them in three main categories: by functions, by rooms and by sections. In this project we used a lot of prototyping in Axure and were able to go through all possible variants.
By functions
By rooms
By sections
You can find whatever you want in the IKEA photobank! In this photobank we have a collection of visualizations for the lists in the category "By functions".
In the category "By sections" visitors are greeted by a family of pictograms. The style is based on the service icons of IKEA, which the company began to use globally in 2017, and developed our own ones, which would be suitable for different types of products.
The main award for us in this project was the indicators in the analytics. For all types of data, after the launch of the new section, there has been a significant growth and these results continue to hold their position steadily . The number of refusals has significantly decreased. And this means that buyers find what they need and stay with IKEA.
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