Confronting friendship,
HAVAS Website of children’s competition 2016
Fruit-tella brand products are very popular with children and teenagers, that is why after hearing about the competition and its prizes, thousands of those who have a sweet tooth wanted to take part in it.
The platform is based on the idea of showing how a brand can unite its consumers around a popular product, chewy sweets Fruit-tella.
Together with the agency HAVAS, we came up with a method understandable for the young audience: all you need to participate in the competition is to send a video in which the characters show their gestures of friendship.
Children begin to be friends easily, but from time to time friendship should be proved by something special. You're not a friend if you do not prove it!
The agency HAVAS came up with a story about cool gestures of friendship and launched a media campaign, showing the video and pre-hits on the central TV channels, on YouTube and VKontakte.
We explained rules on participation in the contest, which are understandable for children, with funny illustrations.
The rules are the following: a participant must make a video or photo with cool gestures of friendship and upload this material on the website through the personal account.
Then the moderator checks the uploaded materials according to the checklist and approves them for publication on the youtube channel of the competition.
In the end, the participant receives a message that his content is allowed to participate in the contest. It remains only to call friends for help!
The winner is the one who collects more likes. Everything is very easy! Only the prizes are not that easy - who will refuse from a large box of Fruit-tella or a supercool smartphone?
We took into account the children's perception and understood that children will probably use the website together with their parents. With yellow colour we separated the Information part and the galleries from the interface of the personal account, which was made light purple.
Children perceive the world around them visually, though they do not like reading that much. That’s why everything adults want to explain them, should be pictured.
Upload video
We received 63,000 questionnaires. 11,000 people made friendship of “Fruit-tella style” and sent us their videos. Friendship and Fruit-tella - that’s cool!
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