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GranitInvest Great rebranding of the company 2015 - 2017
"GranitInvest" is the largest mining and processing granite company in Russia. Its assets estimate 12 deposits in the Urals and among its projects there are kilometers of tiled streets in Moscow and other Russian cities.
The main emphasis is put on the shape of granite, on how it is extracted from the bowels of the earth. We wanted to fix different states, to show how the stone turns into a slab, paving stone or curb and how these forms interact. As a result, stacks of rectangles or different cubes have appeared.
The slogan turned out to be pretentious. With such a slogan you can move mountains! It is the basis for the determination of the mission of the company "Granit Invest".
By the time we started working on the website, no questions were left about what the design and the structure would be like. Everything had already appeared before. We had excellent photos of our friends from VOSTOKPHOTOS at our disposal, and such content does not require a bright cover.
Page of one of three types of products
Catalog with variants of colors
Description of the project
A simple but effective animation of the icons is now trending. We are not lagging behind the times and have also animated them for the section "About the Company".
These were the hardest samples of products that we had ever received from our customers. Poor courier! He had to drag all this weight! And how else one can recreate the variants of colors in 3D, so that they do not differ from the original, without using the original? All samples of textures were captured and transferred to a 3D-program.
And now a little bit of math. There are three types of products in the catalog: "Paving stone", "Slab" and "Curb". Each type has 15 colors and 4 processing options. the total result was 180 models. Ha-ha-huuuuh!
The ideas of the main compositions in the sections of products are based on metaphors. For the paving stone a chessboard was chosen and only figures are missing. A multi-toned ball floating above the pedestal is the section hero for architects, and a stack of slabs, folded like books, shows the variety of colors in the same section. For the curb, a border of two worlds,automobile and pedestrian, was chosen.
While working on the brochure, we experimented and tried to change the website format into a brochure. And we succeeded!
Now with the help of a new website “GranitInvest” company will be able to tell about their possibilities, experience and expert level. The new presentation of the company in the professional environment made it possible to significantly increase the gap from its competitors.
Logo Design
Art Direction
UI/UX Design
Market Research
Content Management
Project Architecture
Back-end Development
Front-end Development
3D Modeling